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By-The-Sea is an Internet Boating Magazine presenting articles and stories from various boating print publications, extensive classified ads and numerous interactive message boards. On-line since April of 1996, we serve the needs of marine trades businesses and their customers across the United States and internationally.

We custom design, host and promote Business Web Pages for boating-related companies including new boat dealers, marinas, boat brokers, boat builders and restoration experts, full service boat yards, boat building and sailing schools, boat plans and kits suppliers, computer design software companies, and more.

A full range of presentation and interactive options are available including high quality graphics, animation, slide shows, sound, custom e-mail forms, and e-commerce databases and secure server encryption.

We are Internet marketing and design professionals as well as avid boaters. This combination makes all the difference and is why thousands of people visit By-The-Sea every month!

By-The-Sea offers a full range of services for marine trades business from start-up site design to creation of secure, on-line databases for e-commerce or inventory management.

Free links are offered only to non-profit organizations including clubs and associations. We also will consider free reciprocal links for other non-commercial sites that we feel may be of general interest to our viewers.

Development, Hosting, and Custom Display/Administration Systems
  • Web Site Work - We do it all!
  • Hosting - We host AND help.
  • E-Commerce - Any size system.
  • Broker Listing Program - Customized systems.
  • Easy-Way Web Page Maintenance - For Forums, Specials, etc.

    Web Site Promotion
  • Business Listing/Link on By-The-Sea - A great deal.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Submittal - We can help you.
  • Pay-Per-Click Promotional Programs - Make them work for you.
  • We are more than just a web page host. By-The-Sea is an interactive boating magazine dedicated to promoting the products and services of those companies that participate with us.

    • Extensive, economical exposure - By-The-Sea provides your business with unlimited Internet exposure. A whole year costs less than a page ad for one month in one boating print magazine! Make your print advertising work harder for you by tying in your web site address.

    • Your own web address - We provide unique URLs (web addresses) so prospective customers can go directly to your web page - like or a domain name like

    • Our unique Network Marketing - By-The-Sea hosts only marine related businesses - and every customer's participation brings new viewers to our site, thereby increasing the exposure of all the companies we host.

    • High quality, practical web sites - We create web sites that are designed to assure that the maximum number of viewers will be able to access and use information from our Business Web Pages.

    • The sky is the limit - Not limited to print media dimensions or constrained by high costs, presentations can include extensive descriptions about all boat, products and service offerings.

    • No contractual commitment - By-The-Sea doesn't require any minimum hosting period or contractual commitment.

    We actively work to grow readership through our multi-level web promotion involving banner ads on commercial web sites, participation with boat show and summer festival promotions, and advertising in numerous print magazines.

    The cost of initial web site design and development is low, and we are always available to discuss extra promotional efforts coinciding with Boat Shows, Open Houses or other events. The majority of web sites we host have an annual cost that is less than that of a quarter page ad for a single issue in many boating print magazines. High quality presentations on the world wide web do not have to cost thousands of dollars - and ours don't! Our fee structure is simple and inexpensive. Web sites can be created for as little as $500 with monthly host fees starting at $30 per month!

    If you would be interested in taking advantage of our turn-key (we do it all!) web presentation creation, hosting and on-line promotional services, Please Contact Us.

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