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  • Piranha Opens 30 Propeller Recycling Centers Throughout the U.S.

    Piranha Propellers has teamed up with more than 30 of its local dealers and marinas to encourage boaters to recycle damaged propellers.

    San Luis Obispo, CA – In an effort to preserve the environment, keep costs down, and promote responsible recreation, Piranha Propellers has recruited 30 dealers and marinas to participate in a boat propeller recycling program. Authorized Piranha recycling collection centers will now collect damaged propeller blades that the factory will recycle. Once blades are sent back to the factory, they will undergo a low-energy regrinding process that will not compromise the material.

    Boaters can find their local recycling centers by calling Piranha at 800-235-7767. This initiative is Piranha Propellers’ latest environmentally-friendly boating initiative.

    To give boaters a cleaner propeller option, Piranha offers a 100% recyclable, non-corroding, composite modular propeller molded around an aluminum core. The strength of this combination provides lower unit protection without compromising performance. Additionally, the modular design allows boaters to replace damaged blades within minutes for less than the cost of repairs to metal propellers.

    Piranha Propellers has been producing propellers for more than 20 years. “Boaters are our business,” says Sales Manager Pam Wolf. “Our objective is to provide the propellers that best meet our dealers’ and customers’ needs.” Boaters can now protect the integrity of boating by donating their used or broken propeller blades to Piranha recycling centers.

    About Piranha Propellers:

    Piranha Propellers offers outboard propellers and propellers for sterndrives, ranging from 9.9 hp to 280 hp. Propeller kits, parts and accessories, and a propeller-sizing system are all available on Piranha’s website. Piranha also welcomes new dealer inquiries.

    A New Networking Website for Merchant Navy Officers and Sea Lovers

    Merchant navy officers are feeling important on their networking site, because of the attention they are getting from sea lovers across the world. In such a short time from its inception, has mariners and sea lovers from more than 20 countries registered already. is the world's first networking site of its kind, for merchant navy officers and non-marine sea lovers across the world to interact. Features on allow members to share their interesting stories and experiences with each other. Marine bloggers across the world are finding their place at SeaFolks. The world is occupied more than 70 percent by water, which makes it a place for lots and lots of sea lovers. Because of, passionate sea lovers wanting to grab every opportunity of sea experience have got a new perspective to look at sea. They now have access to interesting and challenging sea deeds and experiences of mariners. Starting from marine uniform to their conduct & discipline, everything is very attractive to civilians. All this has generated a lot of attention to mariners and their professional life via

    " has given us lots of joy and encouragement!" says Mr Gajanan, a member of Away at sea and detached from a lot of social activities, can make mariners lonely at times. At the same time, in spite of will, sea lovers are deprived of a glimpse of sea by their busy routine. Integrating this way will surely be satisfying to both of them. CEO of, Mr Umesh Dhekane said, "This is our sincere attempt to get merchant navy officers and sea lovers together to have new perspective for each other, basically to seek emotional support."

    As they say on their site, satisfying social and professional needs of merchant navy officers is the primary reason behind this venture. The site also offers a technical forum for mariners, so that they can be updated with the latest in marine technology and news. Vertical networking sites are fast getting added up on the Internet. Rather than having a networking site about a particular passion, sites like, which having to satisfy professional needs also, will surely go long way.

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