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Westport Sharpie - Plan No. 69

LOA: 14' 3/4"
Beam: 4' 11"
Designer/Builder: Fred Tripp, circa 1920 Lines Taken By: R.H. Baker, 1979
Plans Include: Lines, Offsets, Sail Plan and Construction)
Difficulty Level: Easy

This single-plank Westport Sharpie was designed as a centerboard shore boat for the Southeastern Massachusetts coast. These responsive, gaff-rigged craft are still used in the Westport area.

"The old single-planked skiffs were cedar 20" - 30" -- run of the mill 50 years ago. Visually, I like the look, but two planks are okay, butt joined with a 3/16" spline and epoxy seam to give look of single plank...otherwise two planks would have to be overlapped." RHB

"As in most Tripp boats I have seen, the frames are set perpendicular to the sheer rather than to the building floor. The lack of thwart knees is interesting." RHB

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