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Bow-Roof Shed/Greenhouse

Build your own BOW-ROOF GREENHOUSE/SHED easily using our complete, easy-to-read plans and step-by-step manual. Great for greenhouse, boat shed, workshop or garage.

frame.gif The 14' x 32' greenhouse/shed pictured here can be built in 40 hours and $400.00 to $600.00 for materials depending on your location.

For the past nine years, we have used these elegant structures as season extenders for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables. This winter for the first time we are growing cold-weather crops in a cold-frame inside a Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Shed. The sun is our only heat source, and yet we have a good crop of kale, spinach, lettuce, and swiss chard growing here in Maine in January.

Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Sheds are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads. Ours have stood up to 70 mph winds and have had snow piled nine feet high on the sides without collapsing. The low cost of materials, and ease of construction make these the most economical of any shelters we have ever seen.

The Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Shed pictured here is used as a storage building. We've also used these buildings as garages and temporary workshops. Our plans will tell you how to build a shelter of any width from 10' to 20' - but 20' is the widest that we would recommend for this construction method. The length is up to you - 20' to l/2 mile!

bowroof.gif Carpentry experience is certainly helpful, but not essential. The building manual is geared toward the layperson, and we have attempted to explain each step clearly, with the help of photographs where necessary. If you can use a hammer and saw, and read a tape measure, you can build a Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Shed.

The plans include a 25-page construction manual that will show you step-by-step how to build your Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Shed using wood available at your local lumberyard. In the back of the manual you will find sources for materials, a metric conversion able, and useful tips on greenhouse utilization.

You can order your Bow-Roof Greenhouse/Shed Plans over the phone using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex. Plans & Manual: $18.00 plus $2.00 p&h.

To order your plans place call: 1-207-380-2842 OR use our PRINT-OUT ORDER FORM and send a check or money order for $18.00 plus $2.00 p&h.

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